Reference: 503615O

Large tray

Collection Phi

L 43,5 cm W 18,5 cm H 2 cm L 17.1 in W 7.3 in H 0.8 in
Silver plated, wood and glass

PHI elegantly enhances our new rituals of sharing and of companionship around tea, coffee cappuccino, or herbal infusions…. PHI is the receptacle of memories. Time halts its flow and the everyday becomes the enchanted: the art of living, with a luxurious sobriety. Freed from the course of time, these objects still whisper with history, that of the “elementary design” of Normal Studio and the silversmithing savoir-faire of Puiforcat stamped into the smallest details. These calculations and gestures touch the golden ratio: PHI.

Mise en scène d'une table de café sur laquelle sont disposés une tasse à infusion, la cafetière de la collection Phi, des gâteaux et une enveloppe