Dinner Service by Donald Judd

Dinner Service by Donald Judd

In partnership with the Judd Foundation, Puiforcat is creating an eight-piece table service designed by American artist Donald Judd in the late 1980s and left behind in draft form upon his demise.

Lexicon of silversmithing savoir-faire

Silversmith working on a prestige piece in sterling silver

With the expertise of its craftsmen, Puiforcat brings exceptional pieces to life and contributes to preserving the rare French savoir-faire of silversmithing.

Monogrammes Puiforcat

Table dressée de pièces en métal argenté et assiettes à pain, creuse et à dîner de la collection Monogrammes de Puiforcat

With Monogrammes Puiforcat, these pairings of letters take center stage atop porcelain pieces, allowing clients to craft their own tableware.

Tomorrow’s classics

Bread plate from Dinner Service by Donald Judd collection photographed on a wood shel with a pumkin

For more than two centuries, creative innovation and consummate craftsmanship have lain at the heart of Puiforcat’s mission. Thanks to close collaborations with influential specialists and support from its masterful silversmithing workshop, our House revisits its historical creations and builds on its unique expertise to develop new collections.

Art déco DNA

soupière en argent massif et jade - Haute Orfèvrerie Puiforcat

Following the tenure of Louis-Victor, his son Jean left an indelible mark on the history of the family House. Immersed in the wave of artistic renewal that distinguished the period between the two World Wars, he invented a revolutionary formal vocabulary that advocated matching form to function.

Masters’ know-how

Soupière ronde en argent massif surplombée d'un épis de maïs - Haute Orfèvrerie Puiforcat

The House’s bicentenary workshop reissues historical prestige pieces in sterling silver and precious metals in a classic style. Discover some of these timeless creations.